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Identifying & Combating Gender Bias: Examining the Roles of Women Attorneys in Movies and TV

Total Credits: 1 including 1 Elimination of Bias in the Legal Industry

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Elimination of Bias |  Legal Ethics
Philip Bogdanoff, Esq.
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Audio and Video
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Every attorney regardless of gender must have an equal opportunity to advance their career in the legal profession. However, the legal profession has a history of gender bias against women and recent surveys and statistical studies indicate there is still gender bias in our profession.

In this presentation, attorneys will learn to identify both implicit and explicit gender bias in the legal profession by reviewing how Hollywood depicts women attorneys on television and at the movies. The presentation will also offer attendees suggestions to recognize and combat implicit biases.  

To learn to recognize implicit gender bias, we will review film clips of award-winning movies selected by lawyers in two "best lawyer movie" polls conducted by the American Bar Association in 2008 and 2018.

Please join us for this unique and entertaining presentation.



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Philip Bogdanoff is a nationally recognized continuing legal education speaker on the topics of ethics, professionalism, and other related topics. Previously, as an attorney, he served as assistant prosecutor in the Summit County, Ohio Prosecutor’s Office for more than 25 years, beginning in 1981. Mr. Bogdanoff argued cases before the Ohio Ninth District Court of Appeals and twenty cases before the Ohio Supreme Court including six death penalty cases - before retiring as a senior assistant prosecutor. 
He is the author of numerous articles on ethics, professionalism and other related legal topics and has taught the members of numerous organizations including the National Association of Legal Administrators, as well as numerous state and local Bar associations, Prosecuting Attorney's Associations, and law firms. More information about Mr. Bogdanoff is available on his Web site at



Tue, Sep 26, 2023 - 10:00am to 11:03am PDT



Overall:      4.5

Total Reviews: 171


Tom K - Damariscotta, Maine

"Self analysis of gender bias"

L. G - BRADENTON, Florida

"the Harvard test"

Luke R - Presque Isle, Maine

"Awareness and recognition of the issue."

Eric L - PORTLAND, Maine

"The implicit bias survey is a useful tool "

Adam N - South Portland, Maine

"the Harvard Bias test link is useful"

Jonathan M - Wellesley, Massachusetts

"take an implicit bias test."

Timothy C - Cape Elizabeth, Maine

"The implicit bias test -- helpful to have the link to it."

Matthew L - Portland,, Maine

"Always be conscious of how my mode of communication can reveal forms of implicit bias and work toward eliminating that. "

Dave C - South Portland, Maine


Carol M - Brewer, Maine

"As a woman, this seminar simply confirmed what I already knew and had experienced throughout my career. I will likely continue to confront this bias when I observe it. "