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The Lean Law Firm: Run Your Firm Like The World's Most Efficient and Profitable Businesses

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Larry Port |  Dave Maxfield, Esq.
American Bar Association - Law Practice Division
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This first-of-its-kind graphic novel teaches business lessons to lawyers, following the story of an attorney who becomes responsible for saving a small law firm, as his mentor imparts the lean techniques that transformed his factory from the brink of bankruptcy to new heights of profitability. You'll get an immediately usable template for making that system lean and efficient, helping you reap not only financial benefits, but a renewed enthusiasm for running your firm.


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Rocket Matter

Larry Port has worked with thousands of law firms worldwide since 2008 when he started the first cloud-based legal practice management software company, Rocket Matter.  His experience running a technology company and insight into law firm operations led to his co-authoring of the #1 bestelling ABA book The Lean Law Firm.
In Larry’s role as founder and CEO of Rocket Matter, he has become a speaker and award-winning writer at the crossroads of the legal profession, cutting edge technology, and law firm marketing. Larry speaks to an international audience on technology, productivity, cybersecurity, and the business of law. He was recognized by Fastcase as one of the 50 top innovators in the field of law. He is also the author of The Law Firm of Tomorrow and Legal Productivity.  
Larry also writes extensively for legal publications, including the ABA’s Legal Management, Law Technology News, Law Practice Today, ILTA's Peer to Peer, FindLaw, Chicago Lawyer, and Legal Productivity. He frequently discusses design and efficiency and quality techniques that lawyers can leverage.
Prior to founding Rocket Matter, Larry built software applications for finance industry, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and the human resources industry. Larry is a graduate of Northwestern University, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Radio, Television & Film and New York University, where he completed his Masters of Computer Science from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.
Larry is married with two kids, two dogs, and one cat. He loves to ski and hike as much as possible —not an easy feat when you live in Florida.

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Dave Maxfield Consumer Protection Law

Dave Maxfield runs a boutique consumer protection practice in Columbia, South Carolina.  He’s the three-time Chairman of the Consumer Law section of the South Carolina Bar and the Past President of the Richland County Bar Association, South Carolina’s largest with over 1900 members.  He has represented thousands of individual consumers in cases against banks, credit reporting agencies, and insurance companies.
Dave has taught nearly 100 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs to other lawyers, and speaks regularly in the media and to law students on issues affecting consumers both locally and nationally, and frequently trains other lawyers on the use of technology, and was a speaker at the ABATechshow in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2017. He has also worked with law students at the University of Colorado, UCLA, William & Mary, and Harvard Law School on technology use. Articles by and about him have appeared in South Carolina Lawyer Magazine, ABA Magazine, and Lawyer’s Weekly newspaper.
A self-described “Systems Geek,”  Dave became obsessed years ago with how law firms might use Lean methods and technologies pioneered by the manufacturing world to run more profitable practices.  The Lean Law Firm is the culmination of years of trial and error with such systems, translating Lean practices into a simple, month-by-month template that law firms can use to become more profitable.