Thomas G - Scarborough, Maine

"Immediately? Probably none."

Vince D - North Platte, Nebraska

"Serving a defendant by Facebook"

MEGAN K - Lincoln, Nebraska

"Doing keyword searches within an individual facebook profile."

Jeffrey E - North Platte, Nebraska

"twitter searching"

Bruce B - Albuquerque, New Mexico

"LinkedIn search"

Bill C - Lincoln, Nebraska

"to start checking facebook etc"

Courtney M - Roswell, New Mexico

"I learned about various avenues of subpoenaing information from major social media networks. "

Paul S - Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Not one in particular as this is all very new for one who does not use social media beyond email."

Laurie S - Jackson, Wyoming

"Alternative service of process in certain jurisdictions!"

Kathy L - Jackson, Wyoming

"searching by phone number"