Hanni P - Portland, Maine

"That the want for diversity within the workforce needs to be genuine in order for it to work, and it can't just be to achieve a certain goal. "

David S - Lewiston, Maine

"Putting diversity at the core of the firm brand. "

Michael C - Portland, Maine

"Promoting self-awareness to avoid discrimination and harassment."

Stephen M - Portland, Maine


Stephanie A - South Portland, Maine

"Focus on being controlled and not controlling; as a lawyer and a parent!"

Salvatore S - Biddeford, Maine

"Thinking about firm vision. "

Mackenzie S - Freeport, Maine

"Becoming more aware of inert bias we have from growing up. Less Stress = More Confidence."

Patrick F - Havertown, Pennsylvania

"Taking a look at and recognizing biases in decision making"

Nicholas H - Broomfield, Colorado

"How to identify inherent bias"

Paul V - Bayside, Wisconsin

"diversity "