William M - Huntsville, Alabama

"Get to work on refining brand."

John O - Boston, Massachusetts

"question my assumptions."

Matthew T - Portland, Oregon

"special attention to self-awareness in stressful situations"

Sam S - St. Louis, Missouri

"creating brand"

David D - O Fallon, Illinois

"be sensitive to the needs of others"

Janice I - Ozark, Missouri

"Complete self awareness increases confidence and ultimately success in serving others"

Ashley B - Overland Park, Kansas

"I think I need to work on discovering my brand and what makes me unique -- to better manage stress."

Jovita F - St. Louis, Missouri

"Using control rather than being controlling."

Mit W - Mission Woods, Kansas

"How to brand myself."

Emma B - Portland, Maine

"Consider my values and evaluate my own brand to increase confidence + create the space to truly advance diversity and equity in my organization. "