Marc Z - Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

"Control vs. controlling; getting out the right message; training ideas with my team"

Monette C - INDEPENDENCE, Ohio


Patsy M - Portland, Maine

"4 pillars to create a framework for building stronger diversity so there is no majority anything..except great attys."

Joel V - FALMOUTH, Maine

"seek self-awareness"

James G - North Attleboro, Massachusetts


Neil S - Fenton, Missouri

"Establish my brand. "

Thomas F - Andover, Massachusetts

"Thinking more proactively about branding as a way to in the fight for racial justice"

Megan D - Cape Girardeau, Missouri

"Being more self aware"

Deborah M - HUNTSVILLE, Alabama

"Think about my brand and how to be consistent with it."

MaryAustin D - South Portland, Maine

"how personal brand impacts diversity"