Lawrence S - St Louis, Missouri

"Admissibility of the evidence"

Ronald P - Topeka, Kansas

"I learned a lot about what I can get and what I can't as well as tools to get info through discovery"

Justin R - Albuquerque, New Mexico

"The information about identifying a facebook account will be helpful."

Katherine W - St. Louis, Missouri

"how to back in to social media profiles"

James H - Coldwater, Kansas

"I do not have facebook or twitter, but can see how useful they can be"

Dean W - Joplin, Missouri

"researching people on Facebook"

Charles K - St. Louis, Missouri

"Searching Facebook"

Joseph B - Maynard, Massachusetts

"Increasing requested social media/personal identification in interrogatory requests to facilitate social media research."

John E - Kansas City, Missouri

"Search mechanisms..."

Benjamin B - Greene, Maine

"LinkedIn advanced searching."