Katie S - Kansas City, Missouri

"Including women more and actively seeking them out to mentor."

Samuel M - Kansas City, Missouri

"Being an advocate for women by doing my part to make sure that female attorneys have an uninterrupted platform in the workplace."

Elizabeth F - Sherwood, Oregon

"awareness - trying to be more actively aware of this bias."

Tom C - Bangor, Maine

"Strategies and tools not generally discussed in program. Recognition of implicit bias can help overcome barriers to diversity."

Jacqueline M - Portland, Maine

"Nothing new for me....its hard being an attorney and a woman."

Lane W - Lawrence, Kansas

"Seek to be as diverse as possible in staff."

Jen R - Cumberland, Maine

"Networking with other women"

Douglas M - Waltham, Massachusetts

"Continue mentoring women during their early years as attorneys."

Katharine F - STRATHAM, New Hampshire

"speak up when you have the opportunity"

Pamela S - Standish, Maine

"Not much yet"