Paul P - Falmouth, Maine

"Managing potential work conflicts amongst staff."

Caroline W - Portland, Maine

"I appreciated this unique perspective on implicit and explicit bias."

Joanna O - Searsport, Maine

"I think what is hard about an HD seminar is that it doesn't really work for a solo. "

Molly S - Westbrook, Maine

"My personal brand is important. "

Joanna B - Buxton, Maine

"Consideration of my personal brand"

Caihlan S - Falmouth, Maine

"Examine and reflect on the firm vision and make adjustments as necessary."

Joanne P - West Buxton, Maine

"To listen better and not expect miracles."

Beth K - Gorham, Maine

"Know my core values."

Kayla R - Cape Elizabeth, Maine

"Really competitiveness levels within a company end the pros and cons."

Rick D - Ellsworth, Maine

"The most surprising thing to me was Katy's emphasis on the importance of branding to diversity. I'm sure I'll be thinking about how this applies to me as managing attorney at a non-profit legal services provider, and will encourage my team to think about the process Katy outlined very clearly in this presentation. Great presentation. Thanks so much."