Brett W - Bar Harbor, Maine

"No use of provisos."

Tony B - Augusta, Maine


Caroline S - Chevy Chase, Maryland

"Decreasing use of "provided that""

Melia H - Lafayette, Colorado

"ensure the meaning of "shall" is "has a duty to""

Tom F - Palm Harbor, Florida

"read and draft carefully"

R. S - Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Removing provisos from documents used as templates; more appropriate use of "shall.""

John T - Saint Charles, Missouri

"Overuse of shall"

Sarah V - Jeannette, Pennsylvania

"Don't use "herein" or "provided" and use "shall" properly."

Richard W - St Louis, Missouri

"The biggest one was the proper use of provisos"

Christopher M - Osterville, Massachusetts

"Using and/or in contracts. In addition, I found the information on using shall particularly interesting. "