Denise L - Saint Petersburg, Florida

"We're on track and validated."

Holli B - Brewer, Maine

"Being in control, not controlling"

Eric S - Portland, Maine

"How do others see your stress"

Stephen C - Manchester, New Hampshire

"I never before considered the connection between personal branding and acceptance of others/diversity. Good food for thought."

Julie J - Windham, Maine

"The importance of personal branding to eliminate and deter bias. "

Chuck P - Portland, Maine

"Develop a brand and implement it"

Bradley S - Canton, Maine

"I will be sure to first, keep my stress level in check; second, ponder the ways where I may have implicit bias; and third, think about opportunities for collaboration as opposed to competition (if the former approach is more useful than the latter). I will also remind myself about the type of impact a leader has in an organization over the employees through the corporate culture as I plan for future growth."

James O - Portland, Maine

"Open mindedness"

MATTHEW M - Portland, Maine

"proper branding starts with an exploration of yourself. "

Kathleen R - Washington, District of Columbia

"more attention to developing individual brands. "