Andrew L - Hallowell, Maine

"Reporting any misconduct that I witness"

Stacie N - Attleboro, Massachusetts

"to be more aware of surroundings and listen to what is going on in and out of court and the office"

John R - Portland, Maine

"The suggestion at the end to be prepared with a strategy to respond if I witness inappropriate behavior."

Dan H - Portland, Maine

"Sensitivity training for staff "

James E - camden, Maine

"Report abuse and harrassment"

John S - Blue Hill, Maine

"I remain perplexed about how to actually do something about sexual harassment in the context of rural practice. But I feel emboldened to report misconduct. "

Leilani L - Kansas City, Missouri

"practice what I'm going to say when I see this happening"

Everett H - Olathe, Kansas

"observe and report misconduct"

Twain B - Portland, Maine

"Report bad behavior to press."

Susan F - Hallowell, Maine

"be more alert to the possibility of sexual misconduct by attorneys and judges"