Jonathan D - Freeport, Maine

"Avoiding conclusory cross."

Alan S - Sacramento, California


Peter R - Portland, Maine

"Exhaustive chapters and looping for emphasis."

Samuel R - Cumberland, Maine

"How to use before and after breaks at deposition to my advantage. "

Devon P - Laramie, Wyoming

"Too many to list. So many great tips for cross examination, the art of being a criminal defense attorney! Can't wait to use in trial! "

Michael S - South Portland, Maine

"effective looping"

Gregory E - Los Angeles, New Mexico

"Some of the sequencing approaches for cross-examination were new and helpful to me. In addition, knowing to label key facts and documents early was a very helpful new technique."

Jeff B - Casper, Wyoming

"Use Chapters"

Brendan O - South Portland, Maine

"The use of chapters for cross-examination."

David S - Lewiston, Maine

"Looping technique"