Martin C - Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I very much enjoyed the movies as a means of conveying serious ethical issues. Quite creative."

Erika A - Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Asking associate attorneys for credentials."

Keith B - Las Vegas, Nevada

"Great examples and reminders of the line between compliance and non-compliance, particularly the office environment."

Tamara G - WESTBROOK, Maine

"Just a good recap of the ethical rules we could all use!"

Cloud M - Gorham, Maine

"Comparison of Model Rules of Professional Conduct with specific bar rules in my state to better understand purpose/intent of choices made by my state's bar rules."

John C - Moorestown, New Jersey

"Candor in direct and cross examination."

Stephen C - Los Ranchos, New Mexico

" "

Lisa M - Bedford, New Hampshire

"Understanding that while there are ethical rules to follow; professionalism is also a standard to aspire to."

Shelley E - Hillsboro, Oregon

"I won't be so offended by lawyer jokes. Considering how lawyers are portrayed in movies it is no wonder they are the butt of many jokes."

Robyn M - Augusta, Maine

"good ethics reminders"