Tim P - Hampden, Maine

"strategy "

Gabriel E - Portland, Maine

"Create a plan. "

Reid J - CHICAGO, Illinois

"Developing my personal brand."

Scott S - Portland, Maine

"self awareness, branding and the link to a better path"

Meegan B - Jefferson, Maine

"Never thought about branding, or really about how stress may impact both perceptions and how aware I am of my biases."

Susannah S - Mexico, Maine

"To develop & leverage my own uniqueness as a tool for growth, both personally & professionally. Which I knew, at heart, but it was a good confirmation. My authentic self is the only self that is going to help me succeed."

Stacie N - Attleboro, Massachusetts

"I will be taking this training back to the partners at my office"

Joseph G - Lewiston, Maine

"Own it, sell it"

PATRICK T - Portland, Maine

"Thinking about diversity as it relates to branding."

Thomas C - Wellesley, Massachusetts

"Be more self aware. "