Jay G - Boston, Massachusetts

"I will keep Lenne's 8 points in mind as I draft contracts and in contracts and in other writings as well."

Corey H - Saco, Maine

"eliminating shall"

Angela R - Augusta, Maine

"Better ways to utilize "shall" instead of avoiding it entirely."

Robert G - Ellsworth, Maine

"Careful use of language to avoid ambiguity"

Melanie F - Belfast, Maine

"The use of "provided that" creates ambiguity more often than not."

Matthew R - Atchison, Kansas

"Removing unnecessary words from contracts."

Jennifer W - Kansas City, Missouri

"I plan to search contracts for those words and make efforts to remove"

Julie H - Council Grove, Kansas

"Improved usage of "shall""

Jessica F - Lakewood, Colorado

"The segment on pronoun usage was great."

Tori S - WESTBROOK, Maine

"Great drafcting tips for clarity"