David C - Olivette, Missouri

"Facebook searching"

Nick H - Lawrence, Kansas

"The twitter application where you can put in your coordinates and see who had tweeted from that area. "

Colleen O - Kansas City, Missouri

"Good information about search tools. "

Sarah L - Presque Isle, Maine

"use of civil discovery tools to obtain social media info directly from litigants"

Matthew W - Kennebunk, Maine

"Searching facebook through advanced google search. Searching for tweets within a certain area was also interesting, but I'm not sure I'll be able to use it that often. "

Angela F - Norman, Oklahoma

"Backdoor pathways to Facebook and Twitter Info. "

Carol R - Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Facebook searches"

Tye H - Clovis, New Mexico

"To research the social media sites prior to discovery requests."

Katrina H - Alton, Illinois

"Conduct social media search before sending written discovery "

Steven M - FPO, AP - Armed Forces Pacific

"Surprised by amount of this that is expected - and I’m a fairly young attorney."