Elizabeth H - Portland, Maine


Cody H - Augusta, Maine

"Focusing on better yourself does actively and actually better those around you and make you more effective."

Devin M - Gorham, Maine

"The equation of self awareness and self confidence in relation to stress."

Alexander M - Portland, Maine

"Positive branding in all aspects of practice"

Jamie G - Saint Agatha, Maine

"Positive branding for practice."

Corin S - Cape Elizabeth, Maine

"Thinking more about branding as a way to connect with people and how that fits in with overcoming unconscious bias. "

Matthew S - North Yarmouth, Maine

"Personal Branding"

Richard L - Portland, Oregon

"Will need to cogitate on this a bit, but have never connected branding with the elimination of bias. Interesting. "

Richard H - Augusta, Maine

"Be self-aware, happiness is key at some level."

Matt E - Brewer, Maine

"Brand awareness"