Jenna F - St. Petersburg, Florida

"I will use the triology method to help get my theme across throughout the trial when appropriate. Also, the tips to use in deposition were helpful. "

Geoffrey F - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Raising my hand to stop an unruly or unresponsive witness."

Kimberly V - Tigard, Oregon

"Have a pocketful of synonyms"

Rick F - Saint Petersburg, Florida


Mary Ellen W - Cape Elizabeth, Maine


Travis M - grants pass, Oregon

"The theme of explaining things in Threes (trilogy), and shorting questions to drive the point home"

Gregory S - Cumberland, Maine

"How to box in the "I don't know" answering witness"

Mercedes G - Old Town, Maine

"The suggested questions for dealing with talkative witnesses were very good"

Peter R - Portland, Maine

"All of them!"

David S - Lewiston, Maine

"Spontaneous looping"