Mary Ellen W - Cape Elizabeth, Maine


Jacqueline K - Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Making chapters for cross-examination and, most importantly, sticking too them!!"

Jenna F - St. Petersburg, Florida

"I will work on using facts rather than seeking conclusions. Also, the repeated use of specific terms is something I will incorporate in my cross-examinations."

Henry J - Albuquerque, New Mexico


Lee N - Portland, Oregon

"Using the concept of looping on cross exam"

Brian G - ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico


James D - Presque Isle, Maine

"Questions not to ask. Sequencing of inquiries "

Heather U - Tigard, Oregon

"Looping, all forms"

John O - Boston, Massachusetts


Patrick P - Austin, Texas

"Labeling of topics during cross. And don’t be afraid to relentlessly stress my theme."