Andrew S - Hobbs, New Mexico

"being more mindful of my background "

Julia G - Mesa, Arizona

"Did not really realize the negative impact of an overly emotional client. It's both good and bad, depending on the case."

Angel R - TOPEKA, Kansas

"Will be assessing my body language much more while on Zoom, and taking care to limit any distractions/side-work. "

Marylou P - Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I'll be much more aware of my posture and will now think twice before turning off my camera."

Matthew H - York, Maine

"Be more conscious of my surroundings during video conferences."

Boyd E - Taos, New Mexico

"Better use of zoom posture, etc..."

Mary Lou C - Bath, Maine

"Paying better attention to body language 👍"

John O - Boston, Massachusetts

"body language"

Lauren A - abq, New Mexico

"Dressing professionally head to toe"

Jon S - Colorado Springs, Colorado

"Info about body language and also video conference background and appearance."