David Z - Union, Maine

"Encourage education about gender bias at the law school level"

Tyler C - Portland, Maine

"consider different perspectives"

Massiel S - Hudson, Massachusetts

"mentoring more young women attorneys"

Marsha C - Ellsworth, Maine

"Mentoring women"

JennyBess D - Phippsburg, Maine

"Speaking up upon observing gender bias, rather than keeping my own counsel."

Andrea F - Scarborough, Maine

"We should all be advocating for pay equity laws and improved education on this topic in law school"

Barry M - Boerne, Texas

"Mentoring is important"

Suzanne J - Brunswick, Maine

"mentoring is important"

Donna M - Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Appreciating that established attorneys are telling others the benefits of diversity."

Jennifer M - Uniontown, Pennsylvania

"Mentor female attorneys!"