Matthew K - Portland, Maine

"Creating a brand based on happiness."

Michelle D - Brunswick, Maine

"Confidence and stress are inversely proportionaly. I will work on being more mindful and purposeful, to try to reduce stress. The other thing I need to work on is a plan to reduce bias and encourage diversity at my firm, including a plan to address any incidents of biases. "

Patrick V - Gorham, Maine

"How to better manage brand for firm / company (in-house)."

Nupur L - Austin, Texas

"Trying to recognize my biases. "

Maureen S - Portland, Maine

"individual happiness needs to be nourished and invested in"

Derek C - Boston, Massachusetts

"I never thought of how I present my brand as a way to reduce bias. "

Robin C - Portland, Maine

"Determining my personal brand"

Sare L - Lexington, Massachusetts

"Personal branding"

Craig S - Old Town, Maine

"There is value in participating in a continuing self-awareness examination."

Alonzo G - Augusta, Maine

"brand building"