Jeffrey H - Jefferson City, Missouri

"You don't have to be an extrovert to be a good networker."

Edward E - Springfield, Missouri

"At events I will sit with people I do not know."

Alex D - St. Louis, Missouri

"Employing existing networks to expand practice (Bar Association, chambers, etc.)"

Peggy D - Rogersville, Missouri

"Tips to help in networking conservations"

Theresa S - Ellsworth, Kansas

"I need to network more."

David G - St. Louis, Missouri

"Make more time to get out and network"

Jeffrey H - St. Louis, Missouri

"how to use local groups"

Melissa M - Hutchinson, Kansas

"Sitting at a table with someone I don't know at a CLE or event."

Lisa B - Springfield, Missouri

"Creating a contact list"

Michelle B - WICHITA, Kansas

"pick the long cocktail line ;)"