William T - Concordia, Kansas

"ease of process"

Shenandoah B - Portland, Oregon

"Communication is key."

Gina A - Columbus, Kansas

"Don't put off bad news. Better to get the bad news delivered and work with the client to deal with it."

Andrew B - London, England

"managing expectations"

Isabella L - Fair Oaks, California

"'Say No and feel bad for 10 mins...' Also & 'LAST' '- Awesome course!"

Franziska M - Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Realizing that many client-attorney issues have many facets."

Emily B - Portland, Maine

"Listen, don't delay, provide updates."

Sally M - Ellsworth, Maine

"Managing expectations."

Ted T - Springfield, Missouri


Matthew S - Portland, Maine

"Continue to ensure responsiveness"